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our story.

Born out of necessity, not vanity, The Dress Diaries is a formalwear and dress boutique catering to ALL types of women. Beauty comes in every size, every shape and every color. Beauty deserves to be celebrated in all forms, and we are here to ensure no woman is excluded. Whatever your special occasion may be, The Dress Diaries is here to make sure you look and feel your absolute best. We carry sizes 00-30W to ensure every woman has options in her size.  We strive for inclusion and empowerment and are so proud to see every woman wear her story!

Our story is the culmination of a 15 year journey. This journey is Chuck's beginning pages in our diary. Being born and raised in Lafayette, Chuck has watched the women of the area struggle to find a place where EVERYONE was accepted unconditionally. After attending Louisiana State University and obtaining his Bachelor's Degree, Chuck moved to Austin to begin his extensive career in retail. 

Chuck has worked in retail since the age of 14. He has experience in several industries including: luxury eyewear, accessories, bridal, and formalwear. He has had the honor of traveling and working in several major cities across the country including: Austin, New York City, and Tampa. While Chuck enjoyed his time growing in his career and traveling the country...but something was missing.

He came back to Lafayette and realized he could use his experience and talents to serve the community he had once called home. Chuck had witnessed the struggle that so many women face to attain an imaginary standard of beauty. Chuck realized his goal was to cater to all women. Chuck began to build a place where anyone can walk in and feel comfortable and luxurious. The Dress Diaries is not just a formalwear store, it is an experience. It is the mission of The Dress Diaries for no one to leave dissatisfied or wanting more because they feel like they cannot be themselves while finding a dress worth wearing. The Dress Diaries is more than a store that a young man from Lafayette dreamed up; it is a movement catering to all women. 

Every woman deserves to look beautiful, because every woman IS beautiful, regardless of size, shape, age or race. This is the mission of The Dress Diaries: to empower women, to celebrate beauty & to inspire everyone. Now is the time to rewrite the story, and we do that together.

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